Choreography and creative stage concepts for live TV shows, music videos, TV commercials and film

From a simple choreographed pas de deux feature for a TV commercial, backing dancers for a music video or a mass group routine for a TV show, Nader’s versatile choreography adds that stylish flair designed to be noticed from stages of all sizes.

Experienced in the vast dynamics of major TV productions such as X Factor UK and MTV Awards to elite pop-star music videos, it is guaranteed that whatever you want out of a dance performance, Nader can deliver impeccably. 

Good for: 

  • Broadcast quality or online TVCs
  • Live or pre-recorded TV shows
  • Scripted dance breaks
  • Music videos 

Dance Styles: Commercial (Pop), Hip Hop, Street dance, Femme (Heels, Vogue), Robotics, Tap, Freestyle, Theatrical, Lyrical, Jazz, Partner, World

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