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Cranleigh Abu Dhabi dance classes return

Starting Sunday April 14th, Nader returns to Cranleigh School Abu Dhabi for 6 weeks leading up to the summer. If you’re a Year 3 - 6 student of Cranleigh and want to join, please see Ruth to submit your registration ASAP! We can’t wait to welcome you all back!

cranleigh 2019.jpg

Dancers In the City Feature

Our friends at RSN8 Production have put together a short docu series showcasing the creatives in Dubai, including our very own Nader and his top private dance student, Hannah Kriegbaum. Who else from our performers can you spot?

Kris Kross Music Video Remake by NM Choreography

Who loves the nineties? EVERYONE loves the nineties! Including this bunch who were born in the naughties! Music video remake by NM Choreography, starring dancers from 0161 Dance Manchester.

Track: Kris Kross - Jump
Videography and graphics: Luke Musharbash