Throwback to SLASH Hip-Hop Dance Workshop 2010 #TBT

An article that truly defines Nader's commended teaching technique, written in 2010 by Catrin Shi, a journalist based in Cardiff. 

"Last but not least was Nader Musharbash, a professional working dancer who has worked with a range of artists and taught alongside big names in the business – he has recently just come from teaching with Nick Bass and Mischa Gabriel, two of the dancers from the planned Michael Jackson ‘This Is It’ tour.

Despite having a group of dancers who had just been put through their paces with two previous classes and were looking less than spritely, Nader managed to inject some life into the class and finish off with a routine which was energetic and well-executed.

The routine was originally choreographed by Nader for a Russian artist, and had brought it to Cardiff for the benefit of the workshop.The choreography was incredibly high-tempo and intense, however the intricacy of the routine not only showed Nader’s talent as a choreographer, but also as a teacher.

Nader managed to keep up the enthusiasm the whole way through the class – even throughout the gruelling sit-up and press-up session in the warm up. His enthusiasm seemed to be infectious, and that translated into the routine.

The choreography was again a test of musicality, however the choice of music left no room for thought – you had to almost rely on instinct. The moves had an element of Michael Jackson inspiration, and the dance required the same sort of sharp, rapid movements to be pulled off effectively (to see how it really should be done, see the video below!)

All in all the routine was the most demanding of the three, but the most satisfying to complete. The end result was a piece which seemed effortless and was visually exciting for the audience, ensured by the variety of levels, angles and types of transition – ranging from smooth, gliding gestures to explosive isolations.

Nader described his style as groovy – “This piece is funky and fun,” he said."