Choreography, stage creation and direction for recording music artists

Working closely with record labels and recording artists, Nader can transform a flourishing singer into a fully fledged pop star, or deliver current performing artists with a fresh and dynamic stage show on an international level.

Using ten years of professional dance performance on global stages and TV shows with the likes of Rita Ora, Beyoncé and Pink; recording artists can benefit from developing basic movement techniques to boost confidence and stage presence, to a fully choreographed set with dancers and synchronised lighting for that extra show-stopping experience. 

Good for: 

  • Confidence building

  • Combined vocal and movement technique development

  • Group/Band cohesion

  • Live concert and TV show creative and performance

  • Music video creative and performance

Dance Styles: Commercial (Pop), Hip Hop, Street dance, Femme (Heels, Vogue), Robotics, Tap, Freestyle, Theatrical, Lyrical, Jazz, Partner

Call: +971527793793


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