Based in Dubai, UAE, Nader Musharbash is the only choreographer in the Middle East who has worked with world-famous artists such as Rita Ora, Beyoncé and Pink as well as major TV productions; X Factor UK, Brit Awards and MTV Awards (to name but a few!)

Specialising in Commercial / Hip Hop choreography, his repertoire also consists of Femme to Tap to Bollywood and everything in between; having been educated and taught students at the legendary Pineapple Dance Studios, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studios and Millennium Dance Complex LA.

Nader is internationally renowned for his clean, sharp and strong performance style and technique.  His impressive reputation has taken him across the globe to perform, choreograph, direct and teach professional dancers and students of all ages.  He is also a judge for the UDO (United Dance Organisation) World Championships which hosts over 40 countries in a fierce competition in solo and group battles. 

With his steadfast belief in developing the younger generation dancers to a professional level, Nader has successfully enrolled over 2,000 students around the world.  Designed for all ages and abilities, his workshops and masterclasses push dancers to their limits but in a fun and engaging way, preparing them for their careers in dance.  His most recent success story is taking the only UAE street dance troupe, Adrenaline to their first ever competition (UDO World Championships 2016), which saw them dominate over 38 countries in the beginners classification. 

Nader has recently choreographed Sony Music Middle East's home grown acts, Nathalie Saba and The Five, as well as releasing a choreography video for Europe's leading street dance community, WhoGotSkillz.

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