Nader is the only choreographer in the Middle East who has worked with world famous artists such as Rita Ora, Beyoncé, Pink, as well as major TV productions; X Factor, Brit Awards and the MTV Awards (to name but a few!)  He is internationally renowned for his craft and style, with his impressive reputation taking across the globe to perform, choreograph, direct and teach thousands of professional dancers and students of all ages.  His coaching technique commands attention and discipline, but expressed with charm and affable enthusiasm, making him a highly favourable Choreographer and Creative Director in the dance world.

Having resided in the UAE for only a handful of years, Nader has built a solid training academy across the Emirates, whilst maintaining his lead dance teacher and examiner position for UDO Academy Dubai at Gems Wellington, Silicone Oasis, plus his international work with his UK/European counterparts.  He has also choreographed Sony Music Middle East’s homegrown acts, Nathalie Saba and The Five, as well as releasing a choreography video for Europe’s leading street dance community, WhoGotSkillz.  He’s launched products for designer brands, creative TV Commercials and other show-stopping performances for local agencies.

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About NM Choreography - The Business

NM Choreography is the latest choreography and creative service in Abu Dhabi, formed and run by a husband and wife partnership, Nader and Emily Musharbash.  The formidable duo bring over 10 years each of international and local entertainment industry experience, having worked with global music brands and regional agencies, as well as performing at, and creating sizable and multi-skilled dance productions.   Their boundless energy, charisma and determination bring refreshingly new, higher standards to the events scene, not yet seen in the Middle East until now.

The core of NM Choreography’s business is to develop and grow the UAE and Middle Eastern professional dance and entertainment scene.  NMC has strategically integrated the market by skillfully training and building the locally based dancers to an internationally recognised level first, thus proudly producing performances suited to that of the US or UK standards.  

NMC are visionaries with a distinguished, professional work ethic.  They are over-deliverers that bring diverse ideas, who desire to instill hard work and team effort with their colleagues and employees.  They bring a serious network of connections in the entertainment world, and research skills that cannot be scrutinized.

Combine their skills with their determination and infectious charisma, you can see why NMC are the most desired dance entertainment provider in the UAE!

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